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Fair Oaks - 2019

Siding - Windows - Framing

An exterior of a house in Fair Oaks CA features horizontal siding and black framed windows. There are lots of green shrubs and trees surrounding the home.

Our client recently purchased a neglected mid-century home. They wanted to replace the original single pane windows, inspect the framing and update the siding.


This project was particularly fun because we had to remove an entire wall of glass and replace it with built-on-site custom windows. We chose the tinted, Low-E, gas charged, dual pane Andersen windows with special black frames. When we removed the original windows and siding, we found dry-rot, termites, ants and old insulation. Our go-to pest control contractor took care of the bugs and we updated the insulation. Once the windows were up, we tackled the siding. The client chose top-of-the-line JM Hardie Plank with a unique 5" exposure.  


To give the house a more modern look, they opted for no window framing. They were thrilled with the result and needless to say we were happy to see our expertise put to beautiful use.

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